Wild Ones Certification Center Member Certification Center

Our Member Certification Program is designed to help you learn more about natural landscaping, sustainable yards, and biodiversity, while getting credit and recognition for what you learn.

Launched in 2005, Ecoscaper was the first part of our certification program. Consisting of three educational levels, plus continuing education criteria, Ecoscaper lays a good foundation by testing your basic native landscaping knowledge – and then guides you through specific self-designed fieldwork projects.

Just as exciting, the new Ecospace program will launch in early 2008 – with an emphasis on certifying yards based on the degree of natural landscaping and the overall sustainability of the landscape.

More than just learning the basics, the Wild Ones Member Certification Program will start you thinking about and working on community awareness and advocacy in general – and promoting the ideals of Wild Ones.

Wild Ones Ecoscaper Program


Providing opportunities to enhance our members' knowledge about landscaping in harmony with nature is always foremost in our goals. The term Ecoscaper refers to the concept and practice of ecological landscaping.

With that in mind, we have created the Ecoscaper Certification Program, which will allow you to both enhance your knowledge and receive credit for your accomplishments.

Briefly, the Ecoscaper Certification Program consists of three educational levels plus continuing education criteria.

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Wild Ones Ecospace Program


Want to get more native plants into your yard? Want to really get into natural landscaping?

Unlike other yard certification programs, our Ecospace Certification Program looks at the big picture, to get you, your family, your friends, and your neighbors thinking about making environmentally sound changes in your yards.

Ecospace is a great way to let the world see what you are doing for biodiversity, and to offset climate change.

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